1. Design Team vs Independent Designer

top down view of team of people working on laptops

Here at TRIG, we are proud to call ourselves a Design Team and provide a full scope service for our clients. Our Principal Designer, Wendy, has attempted to work independently in the past. She realized that working with a team allows your designer to give their undivided attention to creativity. Also, everyone has their strengths and can bring unique skill sets to the table.  Most importantly, having multiple designers to rely on and collaborate with enhances the overall design experience. 

2. Hassle-Free 

Once you’ve approved our designs, our procurement team obtains quotes and provides our clients with a fully comprehensive proposal. Next, we get started on our ordering and tracking process. Having someone dedicated to monitoring and arranging deliveries adds a level of security when bringing your designs to life. It is crucial to have someone overseeing all of the moving parts and provide weekly updates to our clients; as home improvement projects can become overwhelming if not properly organized and tracked. We handle any issues that arise with suppliers and their customer service teams so you don’t have to! 

3. Increased Efficiency 

A design team will project manage every aspect of the design elements for each project. Our customizable project management system allows us to keep your project organized and flowing seamlessly, no matter how big or small. In order to keep the project moving in the direction it should, we can delegate tasks and ensure your project’s priorities are taken care of. You can count on the TRIG design team to respond to your every need in a timely manner ensuring there are no costly delays holding up your project.


4. Streamlined Project Completion 

house being built by many people

Our project workflow is designed to keep you excited and on top of this ever-evolving industry. With stock issues still lingering from COVID, we do our due diligence to ensure our proposed designs can be executed in an efficient and timely manner. We pour over every detail to make sure nothing is missed and every aspect of your project is completed on time. When unforeseen delays or issues arise that are out of our control we make sure we address them as soon as possible to keep the project on track.


5. Expertise in a Variety of Design Styles

instagram post of a flat lay

Check out this beautiful flat-lay on our Instagram

Many Interior Designers specialize in just one design style. This can be good if you are looking for that specific style, but it’s usually not that simple. Having multiple designers working together allows for a wider range of possibilities when creating a design for your space. For instance, whether you prefer a contemporary or more traditional look, TRIG will work with your style in mind and tailor your designs to your taste. As a result, collaboration brings out the best in designs and ensures all elements of the space are taken into account. In the end, it will create a unique and stunning final product you are sure to love.